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Visual CUT Testimonials

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I can’t figure out which I like better, your product or your support, both nothing short of incredible, thanks!

Andrew M. Bliss
The LLB Group 

I cannot give you enough praise with this application. Simply amazing. Lightening fast, packed to the brim with functionality, and excellent support.

Adam Peter Butt, General Manager
APB Reports

Visual CUT is a godsend!

Jose Ramirez, BI Consultant
Prism Data Systems

I have to say your software is excellent; I have installed and evaluated several products and in my opinion yours is by far the best.

Chris Brandon
Anstee and Ware

It's a great piece of software.  great time saver and the inclusion of report fields (report header, group 1) for use in dynamic content is a HUGE feature.

Derek Cyr - Decision Support Manager

Just want to let you know that the new bookmark feature for report exports to pdf is a great addition to an already great product.  Ames produces many reports for its intranet site and the reports are broken down by 10 regions and 180 stores.  The bookmark feature will allow users to quickly find their sections in these rather large reports.  Your help with Visual Cut has been terrific and I recommend this product to any Crystal user. 

Bill Rowe, Consultant

Thank you Ido! Visual cut made it through 2 weeks of unattended processes. The time savings alone is worth the price. Thanks also for the excellent support. 

Blaise Masse, Information Technologist
University of New Hampshire

I have been evaluating your product for the past few days and I must say I am impressed!  I immediately put it to the test against one very time consuming task that has been handed to me.  I wrote a Crystal Report that needs to be run and exported to Excel as 18 different inventory reports for 18 different executives.  This meant running and exporting my report 324 different ways using 3 parameters, one at a time. This was previously a 5+ hour task! 

I was delighted to discover that by using one scheduled batch file with Visual Cut I was able to accomplish the same results in only 14 minutes with no user intervention, and it even sent an unattended "Reports are Ready" email after exporting! 

Jim Shea 
IT Systems Analyst 
Danka Office Imaging 

I have been using visual Cut for about a month. Visual Cut gave us a huge boost in the responsiveness to our daily exception reports. Previously they were being posted to a public folder where no one would look at them. Prior to that we emailed them out but everyone got an entire copy of the report and would be overwhelmed and just ignore the report. Now everyday each person gets the data that applies only to them. No brow beating necessary. This has helped us most in clearing up open orders that have been causing errors in our inventory management. 

The greatest boost we have gotten is in the automation of our monthly customer reports. We used to need to run 5 reports for each of 50 divisions. Each individual report would be attached to an email sent manually. Now I have a script I run once a month that takes just a double click of the mouse and all 250 reports run, get parsed out, and are emailed to the proper customers in the proper format. This used to take 2 full days and now it takes 30 seconds. 

I haven't quite explored the full power of Visual Cut but it does things that $2,000 utilities that I looked at couldn't do. This is probably the best value I have ever seen in software. If you use "Crystal Reports" and your customers like to have the reports emailed to them you need this software. 

John Eck

If I haven't said so before, you have a very slick product.  I am really impressed by the Check for Updates button feature.  This is very practical and smooth!  Keep up the good work. 

Paul Callaghan

I wanted to thank you for developing such a helpful piece of software as it has saved me countless hours in report exporting/delivery.  In using this software for the last year we have reduced report distribution time by several hours a month.  With my last 2 jobs I found myself in an office that had very manual processes.  We had to print reports, export them and then deliver them one at a time to the appropriate person.

Visual Cut allowed me to automate all of that, and expand report content and delivery.  Development on this product is very consistent and releases expand upon an already strong tool with helpful updates that we never even considered possible to implement.

Dave Pealow
Budget Planner/Analyst
Department of Education
Government of Nunavut 

We've evaluated several solutions for the automated distribution of Crystal Reports from small and large vendors, but they were either lacking in functionality or were beyond the budget of a small company. That's when we came across Visual Cut. Visual Cut caters to all our requirements for the unattended production and distribution of reports. The cost savings generated by automating these tasks far outweighed the actual cost of the software. 

I have no hesitation in recommending this software over its more expensive competitor products. 

Steve Varna 
Manager - Information Systems 
Ashmans Group 

We wanted to find a solution to sending out chaser letters to our customers. In the past these letters would be printed off, dispatched to the post room, where some poor soul put the letters in envelopes and then franked them ready to go out. This was a time consuming, laborious and expensive process. The other problem was that it would take up to 3 days by the time the customers received the letter, by which time they may well have paid the debt, and it occasionally caused some embarrassment  Our objective was to produce the letters in a format, which could be automatically faxed.

We decided that Crystal reports would be the letter generator, Visual CUT would do the bursting and Gold Fax would do the faxing.  We set up a crystal report with the appropriate letter and payment request information. In the header portion of the report we had to put in some 'embedded codes,' which told Gold Fax the fax number, sender info, etc.  By using the bursting facility in Visual Cut, rather than having to send a fax at a time (which would take hours) we simply send all the letters in one go, separated only by page breaks and the embedded codes.

The process is very easy to follow, and the credit control department can start the job in little under 5 minutes, after that the fax software kicks in and does its bit.  The process has saved many hours, and allowed us to get the chaser letter to our customers on a timely basis. Thanks Ido!

Roger Richards, Finance Director
MacDermid PLC, Birmingham UK.

The Crystal Reports tools Visual Cut and Data Link Viewer from Millet Software are some of the most amazing add-on tools I’ve ever used.

I write many custom Crystal Reports for end users who are not familiar with Crystal Reports and are sometimes uncomfortable working directly in Crystal. Additionally, when users work directly in Crystal, we run the risk of having the reports altered erroneously. DataLink Viewer provides a front-end that is easy for users to understand, allows dynamic variables (providing pick lists for parameter choices), and makes my job much easier in rolling out reports to users.

Visual Cut takes the process even one step further – allowing users to easily create files and send emails of any reports they run. Additionally, reports can be automatically subdivided by the top level group – for example, a sales report can be split into one file/email for each sales person’s portion of the report and sent directly to that sales person. I can have Visual Cut users trained and up and running in less than 15 minutes.

These tools provide cost-effective, easy to install, easy to implement solutions to what would otherwise be very complex problems. Thanks for the great tools!

Sherry Whitten, Principal
iDrive LLC

Just wanted to pass on to you how much we appreciate your software. We just started using your software but we are already seeing some significant savings in manpower.

J. Anthony Martin, Vice President of Information Systems
Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.

Just a quick note to tell you how we greatly appreciate the wonderful software tool you have created for Crystal Reports.  Everyone in the business world has to deal with reports and creating and delivering them in today's climate is often tedious and time consuming.  With your tool the work is effortless.

I discovered your tool accidentally by doing a Google search for "Crystal Reports and adding PDF bookmarks".  Crystals Reports software for whatever reason lacks this functionality.   What I quickly discovered after viewing your demo was that you tool not only can add the bookmarks but can also slice the report and automatically email to different recipients reports with just their own data.  Not only could it do it with just the touch of one button but you can also use the built in windows task scheduler to send periodic unscheduled reports without even touching a key.

Prior to discovering Visual Cut we were sending out several large PDF files to a large E-mail group on a weekly basis.  More often than not most recipients were hitting the delete button because the bookmarks weren't there or they didn't want to take the time to navigate through the 3 attachments that were in excess of 100 pages.  Visual CUT allows us to send dozens of emails to smaller groups of individuals with data that only concerns them.

The feedback to these individualized reports has been very positive and the labor hours saved on our end is also a huge plus.  I would definitely recommend this software to anyone who needs to add bookmarks to PDF exports from crystal or anyone who routinely sends out crystal reports to end users.

Peter Gillespie, Sr Maintenance Manager

Millet Software has provided the best support that I have ever received for a software product - hands down. Visual Cut is a great program, and the support behind the product is even better!

Patrick Pettibon
Matchmarketing, Inc.

I love Visual Cut! It has been a month since we purchased it and I am very impressed by it flexibility and how easy it is to use. At least once a week someone thinks of a new way it can be used.
The main drive behind our purchase was the desire to send our invoices via e-mail rather than print all to paper, sort, fold, mail, then reprint and fax when the mailed copy was lost. What a huge opportunity to take time and cost out of a process!

Rachel A. Mittler
Systems Administrator
Swagelok Sunnyvale

Weve been testing your software for the past month and we are very pleased with the results.
I work in the HR department and one of our challenges is to make sure we have up-to-date work contact information for every single employee on our company directory. Yesterday was the first "real" test where I sent an email to every single employee asking them to verify work contact information. In less than 24 hours, weve had a 30% response rate! We could never have done that without Visual Cut software.
One of the best products Ive ever used. Well done!

Trish Watson
Manager, HR Information & Systems
Brookfield LePage Johnson Controls

I just had to tell you how impressed I am with your product. My company runs tons of reports on a daily basis and your product saves me hours of work a day. With the bursting features that Visual CUT offers, I can deploy employee-specific reports in seconds and not waste my time writing emails.

Visual CUT is a fantastic product.

Scott Buric
Sr. Application Support Specialist

Ido, I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how we're doing with Visual Cut here at CPS Energy in San Antonio, Texas. We've been using Visual Cut for a year now and thanks to your support we've been able to surpass anything which has been attempted using other tools. We have our dashboards running like clockwork now and the enhanced capabilities of Visual Cut have made me look like a hero in our management's eyes. Thanks for such an innovative and well designed product.

Phillip Scheel
Data Analyst
CPS Energy

Your software has been a blessing. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful product.

Safa Egilmez
Crime and Intelligence Analyst
Henderson Police Department

I love the export to Excel feature where you can use group names to set up tabs. I am ecstatic about how nicely it works. That is an ENORMOUS time saver. VERY COOL FEATURE!

Eric E. Munson, M.S. MIS
Saint Vincent Medical Group IT

We have become instant Visual Cut fans in the past year.   It is enabling our organization to make huge strides in dataflow and timely report creation and distribution.   I’ve told some people that VC is “fire on wheels.”

Mark Milbourne
Doe River Gorge

Visual CUT is without a doubt the best piece of software my company has ever purchased.

Matthew Winter
Anglo Pacific International

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