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Visual CUT licenses never expire. Technical support and free updates require annual support.

The single-license price includes up to one hour of installation support (via email, Skype, or phone calls).  It also includes one year of free upgrades to new versions.   

Each license gives you a choice among three Crystal runtime components versions: 8.5, 9, and XI (R2). For example, you may install the Crystal 9 version and later decide that you wish to switch to the Crystal XI version.   

Licenses are non-transferable. Each license is restricted to one organization and cannot be sold, loaned, or transferred to another organization.

Local Machine Use (1 license per machine for any number of users): if two or more users administer (set up reports and processing options) Visual CUT by using the machine locally (not from a remote session), you need only 1 license for each machine.

Remote Access Use (1 license per user): if you use software such as Citrix, Terminal Server, PC Anywhere, VNC or Remote Desktop to work with Visual CUT from a remote computer, you should purchase an additional license for each permitted user. For example, if you install Visual CUT on a server and two users are allowed to administer Visual CUT via Remote Desktop, you should purchase 2 licenses. Note that this has nothing to do with the number of concurrent users.

Application Use via Command Lines (1 license per Application PC/Server): if you call Visual CUT from another application (for example, your JSP, ASP, or php application may call Visual CUT via the command line API to request exporting, emailing, printing, pdf processing, etc.) you should purchase 1 license for each PC or Server on which Visual CUT is installed.
Note: this assumes the server is for use by one organization. If the server is providing Visual CUT services to several organizations, you should buy 1 license per organization.

Quantity Discounts and Application Bundling Agreements: a 20% discount applies to 5 licenses. For larger deployments, please contact Millet Software for special pricing. 

Return Policy: Millet Software provides a free 30-day evaluation of all software products. This allows prospective buyers to evaluate the software to ensure it meets their needs before purchasing. Hence, no software returns are allowed after a purchase.

Shipping: within 24 hours, but typically much faster, you will receive an email message with instructions for downloading and installing the software.

Visual CUT 
for Crystal 7, 8, 9, 10, XI, 2008/11/13/16

Includes 1 year of free updates + 1 hr installation support
Visual CUT + 2 Years Support 
for Crystal 7, 8, 9, 10, XI, 2008/11/13/16

Includes 2 years (for the price of 1) free updates and technical support


Annual Support
Extends free updates and technical support by 1 year.
20% of purchased license(s) cost.
For 1 license: 20% x $300 = $60
In PayPal's form, enter $ amount as 'Item price' and number of years as 'Quantity'


The PayPal Buy Now buttons allow you to purchase through a secure service. Millet Software does not take credit card information over the phone or via email.

Alternatively, click to use this Invoice/Quote Request Form.