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Visual CUT Testimonials

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Absolutely incredible program and rock solid documentation. Half a dozen times I went “it would be handy if this could…” and I would end up finding it in the manual, usually with extra features attached. Thank you for your excellent work. Hands down beat every other product I found. 

Daniel Hodge
Database Administrator/Programmer 
Chain Electric Company

I have completed an analysis of several third party Crystal add-ons, and I think that your product is head and shoulders above any other I have seen, both in features and ease of use. 

Dave Hawkins 
Interactive Business Systems

Thanks again for a great product. It is (by far!) the best $300 I've ever spent on software.

Kelly Dusterhoft
Director of IT
National Consolidation Services

I have evaluated your product, and I would like to tell you I consider it a masterpiece!!!

The additional features will save me and my team a substantial amount of time, month on month. The product will pay for itself in 1 day!!

Tom Galloway
Systems Manager
Portman Travel Limited

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how Visual CUT has changed my life. The most noticeable change is at the end of each sales & financial reporting period (month end, quarter end, year end...).  Before we started using Visual Cut it would take me about three to four hours (my backup person would take at least four hours) to: 
1) run and export the reports to the correct directories for our intranet and internet; 
2) run and print the reports for people who do not like electronic copies of the reports; 
3) email the specific pages of the reports to appropriate users ('electronic bursting' as you call it). 

I set up all of the reports and their destinations in 'Visual Cut' in about two hours a few months ago and now I start the job stream and let it run and distribute the reports as I would have done manually.  This time saving does not even take into account the daily and weekly reports that we are now generating and distributing from our Factory automation system, CRM database, SOP database and Financial database (many of which would not have been possible without some of the power that Visual Cut gave me). My marketing department is also looking now at distributing some reports via email to our customers (something that we would not have been able to do before). 

In short, the money that we spent was rapidly re-cooped from time saving for myself or other members of the company and we would never dream of going back to before using 'Visual Cut.'  Thanks for writing such a wonderful utility and making it so affordable.

Jim Woodin 
Application Systems Developer 
Diamond V Mills

I installed Visual Cut on Friday and my customer and I were both impressed with how well it worked... This customer was printing out 60 expense reports and mailing them out to employees each week. That was an hour of work, not counting postage and supplies. With Visual Cut, and a custom report, it takes less than 5 minutes.

Ken Hamady,

Prior to using Visual Cut, we had to manually execute and print dozens of Crystal Reports. This process took hours. Visual Cut, with its intuitive user interface, provides a quick, easy, and powerful service. We evaluated other programs that cost thousands of dollars and Visual Cut did everything we needed at a fraction of the price. 

Using SQL Server database tables containing report and recipient information, we are able to dynamically create batch files, which utilize Visual Cut to print and export reports based on the recipient. We automatically generate a coversheet with the recipients' address located to fit in an envelopes window (directed to a printer drawer with blue paper), a report listing all the reports the recipient receives, and all of that recipient's reports. The only thing we need to do is separate the reports based on the blue coversheets and stuff them into envelopes.

Visual Cut has saved us many hours every month.  Plus, Visual Cut's support is amazing. If only all software companies were so responsive to suggestions.  Visual Cut is a fantastic product! Thanks Ido!

Mike Marsten
University of California - San Francisco
Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute

My hat's off to you! What a great program!

Mark Glorius
Apex Partners LLC

Each month we send hundreds of invoices to our clients and many more reports to our staff and customers.  Before we purchased Visual Cut, we would spend several hours each month preparing those invoices and reports through the mail merge features of MS Word. This process proved very cumbersome and problematic due to end recipient compatibility and version issues which too often caused the reports to not “look” right. 

By using Visual Cut, we’ve reduced our processing time to just a few minutes each month and by formatting and delivering in PDF format, we ensure that our customers and staff receive professional looking documents.  Implementing Visual Cut was very simple and the couple of questions we had were answered very promptly and courteously by Mr. Millet.  This package by far is one of the most useful tools we’ve seen and we would not hesitate to recommend it to any of our clients. 

David C. Ogles
Digitech Services Inc.

I just wanted to let you know I've used your software for a month and it has worked beautifully.  We only have a handful of people that get month end reports and a few that get daily reports from our Great Plains system using Crystal reports.  Your software worked incredibly well to automate all of that.  I have recommended your software to the consultants that work with us on Great Plains and the Crystal User groups that I belong to.  It is superb software and I was impressed with the help you gave me when I had problems.  Thanks! 

Mike Thomson
IT Manager
Weddingpages Magazine

Just wanted to let you know that Visual Cut is great. We've done a preliminary email bursting to our top 100 wholesalers, and this month we're going to do it for all, and progressively to our other types of customers.  This is saving literally over 5000 printed pages per month and thousands of dollars per year, not only in mailing costs, but also in a quicker settlement of our accounts. The credit department also finds it easy to respond to invoice queries, as the customer simply highlights the ones in questions, attaches it and hits the reply button.  The email bursting process was smooth and error free.

I also appreciate all the effort and time you spent in ironing out any problems we had initially due to our particular environment at the office. I would highly recommend this software to anyone. 

Bernard Paes
Business Analyst
Flag Choice Hotels, Melbourne.

Visual Cut has really established a new paradigm in timely reporting at Pak West.  We have an audit report that runs every night and is emailed to my assistant and myself every morning, telling us if our GL is out of balance.  I used to have Karen run this report daily -- now Visual CUT takes care of it. 

Another example is a "Total Exposure" report for specific customers. It includes subreports displaying: 1) A/R Aging & Open Orders, 2) Customer's Inventory On Hand, On Order, and Committed, 3) Perpetual Inventory Activity, and 4) A/R billing and payment activity.  This report runs daily at 4:00AM and requires no manual intervention once scheduled for Visual Cut processing.  And we are just beginning to scratch the surface of what's possible with this software… 

Serge G. Poirier, CFO 
Pak West

Hey Ido, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how exciting it has been to work with your software. I have gotten 6 daily reports distributed in house automatically and have just started bursting weekly status reports out to about 500 insurance distributors! This software is awesome!!

Jon Shaw, President
Shaw American Financial Corporation

Visual Cut is an amazing piece of software. Thank you for engineering it!!

Jason Watton, IT Manager

Your product is fantastic and is working wonders for us. I've already sent hundreds of reports using scheduled jobs. I am really getting a lot of use out of it.

Joe Perret, Director of Business Information
Bell Nursery USA, LLC

Thank you for developing such a great product. I have already cut delivery time for 2 large-scale monthly reports from hours to minutes using Visual Cut, and I look forward to even more productivity gains using it in the future.

Bob McDermott
South Shore Medical Center

Life would not be the same without Visual Cut! And Crystal Reports I suppose – but Visual CUT makes Crystal sing and dance.

Richard Hayden
Envelopes Ltd.

Barton Mines has been using Visual Cut for a few years now. We have about 50 scheduled reports running that affect both our inside communications and communications with our customers. The software is solid and when we do have questions support is quick and efficient. I doubt you’ll find a more valuable utility at even ten times the cost of Visual Cut.

Chris McGuirk, IT Director
The Barton Group


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