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Testimonials DataLink Viewer Testimonials

We are very happy with DataLink Viewer. This program works great!

Martijn Guys

I wanted to let you know that we have installed DataLink Viewer at many sites throughout our region and it is working very well.  People are very pleased with the simplicity of the user interface and with the dynamic parameters functionality. 

I would highly recommend your product to others and, in fact, have done so already. 

Wendy Winger
Application Support Specialist

I think your DataLink Viewer software is outstanding.  It does just what we need: 

  1. Allow an untrained user to run Crystal reports without being overwhelmed. 

  2. Automatically update parameters based on changes in a table. 

I know there are other products available. Yours was the third I downloaded and the first one to actually work.  It's documented and works very well. 

John Daniell 

I recently installed Data Link Viewer at a client's site, and I am extremely happy with the results.  I needed to make my reports available to a large number of users, and your product turned out to be the ideal way of doing it.  It was easy to deploy, straightforward to use, and above all very economical.  I'll certainly use it again when the need arises, and would happily recommend it to others. 

Mike Lewis 
Edinburgh, Scotland

I've been very impressed with your product. It by far exceeds any CR viewer I have seen on the market for the price range you're in.

Travis Hanson
Lake Charles Medical & Surgical Clinic

We tried ALL the Crystal Reports viewers out there and yours is the best.

David McKee Smith
JP Cabletek
Vancouver, Canada