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Key Benefits

bullet E-mail dynamic-content messages from within any section of a Crystal report via SMTP. A variety of options are supported including multiple recipients, CC Recipients, BCC recipients, and attachment files.  These options can be specified by using the EmailSet() function call within a Crystal formula and by appending more elements or more text via follow-up EmailAdd() function calls before triggering the email via an EmailSend() function call.

bullet Append Content to Text Files
Note: this can be used to take snapshots of information each time the report runs (for example, via Visual CUT scheduled processing). Another Crystal report can then use the text file as a data source for information across multiple snapshots.

bullet Read Content of Text/RTF/HTML Files
Provide the file path & name as an argument to the FileGetText() function and get the file content as a string.  You can use Crystal's formatting options to interpret the string as RTF or HTML.  You can also use Crystal's string search and manipulation functions to lookup values inside the text file.

bullet Lookup & Set Values in *.ini files  

bullet Build/Run SQL statements (Get/Update Values, Select Data Source)

bullet Lookup Values in Excel files or in the Registry  

bullet Convert GMT/UTC to Local or Specified Time Zone

bullet Replace Accented Characters

bullet Convert hex strings to ascii

bullet Trigger Message/Input Boxes and Applications via Command Lines

bullet Trigger Report Processing by Visual CUT or DataLink Viewer

bullet Annotate (add comments to) Crystal reports

bullet Convert HTML content to RTF for better display

bullet GEO: compute distance between zip codes, use Google to lookup Latitude/Longitude for an address, return driving time and distance between 2 addresses given current traffic conditions.

bullet Translate Text: use Google for quick and accurate text translation.

bullet Encrypt/Decrypt Strings

bullet Perform 'BitWise AND' Operations

bullet Get the 'User Name' & 'PC Name' Running the Report
Note: this can be used to impose row-level security or to address data access tracking requirements such as those imposed by HIPAA.  

bullet Call Web Services and Return Values

bullet Resize Images

bullet Add 16 Types of Barcodes (QR, PDF417, DataMatrix, Aztec, UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC-EAN-Extended, EAN13, EAN8, CODE 39, CODE 93, CODE 128, CodeBar, ITF, MSI, Plessey) without dependency on font files. See sample image.

bullet Regular Expression functions allow you to match and replace strings based on powerful patterns.