DataLink Viewer: Changes in Version 6.5

New Features:
Packaged with Service Pack 15 of the Crystal Runtime.
DataLink Viewer now provides an Expressions Inspector for listing & searching formulas, SQL expressions, running totals, selection formulas, and conditional formatting expressions. The report grid right-click menu provides options to launch the Expressions Inspector for one or multiple reports. See 'Report Inspection & Documentation Tools, Expression Inspector' and this demo image.
A click on the status bar panel showing the report name now provides a Report Documentation Window (see demo image) with information about the report. See 'Report Inspection & Documentation Tools, Report Documentation.'
Visual CUT can now delegate exporting to DataLink Viewer 2011 in order to take advantage of Crystal 2008/2011/2013 features (e.g. Calculated CrossTab members).
The status bar now provides smoother updates during load, refresh, auto-refresh, and data visualizer events.
Added Print_As_Designer ini file entry to the [Options] section and to the Export/Print tab of the Options dialog. By default, this option is now set to TRUE in order to use the same mechanism that Crystal Reports Designer uses to print. This solves printing issues caused by the prior Crystal runtime printing logic. For example, for one customer, this allowed printouts of UPC barcodes to scan properly.
The Reload_Report_On_Refresh option now accommodates Auto-Refresh scenarios.
The command line argument of Printer_Setup now supports specifying "Default" as the printer name.
DataLink Viewer can now prompt & switch the report to a different Data Source when running reports that use UDL files as the OLE DB data source method. For detail, see: Changing Data Source in UDL Files
Use_Saved_Data command line argument now overrides the ini file option of Saved Data Action.
When viewing the report grid, the help window triggered by F1 shows that Ctrl-Delete removes rows or groups. This allows removing many report rows from the grid in one step. Also, Ctrl-Delete provides a different confirmation dialog (allowing the user to abort) depending on whether the selected row is a group header or a detail row.
When starting DataLink Viewer with a command line argument of "ODBC_DSN:.." but no report path or other arguments, the ODBC DSN argument now applies to all reports opened during that session (rather than just to the first report opened). This allows a desktop shortcut, for example, to launch DataLink Viewer with a DSN target specified for all reports opened during that session.
HTML Tooltip windows are now automatically closed when you refresh or navigate away from the report preview window.
When you trigger a report from a command line using a v (View Only window), you can now use "View_Mode:NoBarsNoTitle" to remove not only the toolbar and status bar but also the title of the window in order to maximize the space available for the report.
The application now loads faster when populating large report list grids.
A double-click on editable cells in the report list grid (Title/Description, Subject, Type) now launches a preview of the report.
Using the "Print_Copies:" argument. you can now set custom text on each print copy (such as 'Copy 1 of 2', 'Copy 2 of 2'). See 'Setting Custom Text for Each Print Copy' and this demo image.
Added Export_Viz command line argument to save data visualization to an image. Combining this with Visual CUT allows embedding of visualizations in reports, email message bodies, and auto-refreshing web dashboards.
Fixed several printing issues.
Fixed install problem in older Windows platforms (XP, 2003).
Fixed an issue with saved date parameter values.
Fixed an issue with saved linked dynamic parameter value.
Fixed issues with Grid search (Ctrl-F, F3, Shift-F3).
Fixed issue with triggering a parameter dialog by clicking on a formula.